Desecravity – Implicit Obedience (2012) CD Review

The war machine of the 20th century has increased its domination, the PR face layering the obvious brutality with the silky, smooth, serpentine words of the charming winning hearts and minds with the veracity of their patriotic belief.  The moral necessity of war becomes economic necessity.  War transmogrifies into business, the two sharing a symbiotic relationship so close it is hard to see where one ends and the other begins.  The ideals seep into everyday life, tactics to be used to gain victory over any slight or goal, permeating our every waking moment, creating soldiers of us all.

Against this background of perpetual war, the onomatopoeic brutality of the battle is lauded in the beautiful form of brutal death metal.  The crushing sounds of tuned-down guitars and constant time changes akin to an artillery barrage from a tank formation.  Unrelenting in its ferocity, a metaphoric assault on the senses.

Like the true battlefields of the new age, there is a plethora of warriors fighting the cause of Death Metal.  Technically gifted individuals coalescing to promote a universally understood message.  Desecravity are another such band wandering aural battlegrounds but they differ from the rank and file.  There is a chaotic nature inherent in the music that rises them above the norm, discordant, choppy riffs and time signatures amalgamated with chaotic drumming clothed as a brutal vortex of death metal that has the modern day hint of Cannibal Corpse’s The Bleeding about its sound.  The guitars are aggressive, clear in their intent from the opening main track (the opener, “Into The Unknown” is an atmospheric intro which should not have been a separate track) “Enthralled In Decimation” and from here the pace is unrelenting; no slow tracks are needed however as there is a wealth of time changes and creativity within the compositions to keep us entertained.  But these changes also have a feeling of naturalness about them, weirdly discordant from the level of expectation and feeling of that expectation being satisfied.

One thing this album does particularly well is promote the brutality the clarity.  Erik Rutan (yes he of Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal fame) has created a sound that doesn’t require recreation of earthquake sound levels to expose the brutal and heavy nature of the riffs.  The riffs are already laced with heaviness and the choice to give the riffing a platform to speak from is certainly the best decision Desecravity and the production team could have made.

There is a lot of beautifully technical guitar work that concentrates on composition of songs as opposed to supporting the individual solo mastery of the guitarist and for this reason the album is given greater depth, although the quite wonderful solo on “Hades” is surprising when it arrives and leaves us wanting more when it ends.

“Hades” could quite possibly be the nadir of Implicit Obedience but tracks like “The Collapse Of Religion” and “Extinction With Hatred” will have fans arguing over which one is best until Desecravity grace our ears with another work of aural beauty.  Hopefully they will leave the shores of their homeland, Japan, and show the rest of Europe what they are missing.


01. Into The Unknown
02. Enthralled In Decimation
03. Immortals’ Warfare
04. Demonize The Old Enemy
05. Hades
06. Condemnation
07. The Collapse Of Religion
08. Extinction With Hatred
09. Dark Dimension