Write For Us

None of us here at SuicideScriptures.com make any money whatsoever from working for this site. As such, you will not be paid (other than some manly love from the Editors, Aaron and Graham), so we require mature and reliable individuals who have some free time, a passion for Metal, and a desire to improve the writing at SuicideScriptures.com.

Write For Us

So you’d like to write for SuicideScriptures.com? Firstly, this is for free.  You will not be paid.  However, it is not without its perks and you will get to hear all of your favourite bands and more before anyone else.  Your voice will be heard throughout the Metal world and fame, fortune and females await you.

Current writing positions available

Must be able to cover at least 5-10 releases a month from varying metal genres as assigned to you and from your own recent acquisitions.

What does it take to write for Suicide Scriptures?

You must have a good understanding of Metal as a whole and not restrict your own tastes to one genre. This is essential for album reviewers.

You must be able to write interesting and intelligent prose.  We pride ourselves on offering something a little different than three-quarters of a review of a band’s history that any retard can look up on Wikipedia.  Your writing must be thought-provoking and relevant.

You must be fluent in English and have excellent spelling and grammar.  This is a must.  It cannot be stressed how important this is, although, all of your submissions will be carefully picked over by the editors prior to posting on the site.

Professionalism: Your articles will be read by fans, the bands, and the industry. If you are attending a concert to cover or interview a band, you are the face of SuicideScriptures.com at that event and as such must conduct yourself in a professional manner.  Party on your own time not ours.

This as a long term commitment, not something to spend a summer vacation on but something you’d like to do for years.  We do not want someone who has very limited time available to help. While this is a hobby, it is still work and requires a certain level of commitment.

All submitted material must be unique to our site. No submissions (text/pictures) will be posted elsewhere online or in print in whole or in part without the formal consent of the editors of SuicideScriptures.com.

If you are interested in writing for SuicideScriptures.com then email us with three album reviews from three different genres, including at least one that you are not a particular fan of. Send it by email in MS-Word format to


Also, please indicate your location, preferred metal styles, number of years you’ve been into metal, your age, and any other relevant experience you possess.